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danboy 01-19-04 10:58 AM

Suse 9.0 Update - Urgent help please
Hi there.

I have downloaded patches from suse.de and stored them in my hard disk.
I am going to use them to update my system but I need to ask a question or two first.
1) Please someone let me know if this way is ok to proceed with the updating.
2) I started with two rpms but when I tried to installed them a message saying that this patch conflicts with....blah blah and listed 386 other files came out asking me what do I want to do.
Resolve the conflict by uninstall them?
Ignore and proceed?

What should I do with that?If I select resolve the conflict by removing the conflicting packages (and i did) it uninstalls almost everything.

Is there anything else that I must do after the patch completion?

Please help.:confused:

SuLinUX 01-21-04 11:28 AM

Why dont you use YOU(Yast Online Update) it's much easier.

danboy 01-21-04 04:54 PM

I can't use YOU because I am unable to connect to the internet through Suse....

I wish I could....


storrence 01-25-04 07:11 PM

If you tried to update just 2 rpms out of a large set, it's pretty likely that they have dependencies in other update rpms and that most or all of the conflicts would be resolved if you updated the whole set at once using something like "rpm -Uvh *.rpm".

That said, SuLinUX is right: YOU is much easier. In a situation like yours, it would probably be easiest to troubleshoot whatever networking problem you have first, then use YOU to do your updates.

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