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n1tyh 01-19-04 11:52 AM

How do you install nVidia drivers for Athlon64?
Hi all.

I'm relatively new to linux (used SUSE Linux a few year ago, but that was just out of the box....didn't do anything fancy with it).

I just built an Athlon64 system this weekend (ASUS K8V Deluxe motherboard with an Athlon64 3200+ chip). I'm using my older graphics card at the moment (it's a Gainward nVidia GeForce3Ti450 card).

System is running Mandrake 9.2 for the Athlon64 (downloaded off an ftp site, did not purchase).

I downloaded the nVidia drivers for the Athlon64. The directions say that you have to run a file that ends in ".run"; however, I can't find it. When I unzipped and extracted the tar files, I didn't have a .run file.

Do I need to download another utility file?
Does anyone have a nice step by step tutorial for installing the nVidia drivers onto an Athlon64 system (know of a nice tutorial link)?

Thanks for any help that you can give to a Linux rookie.

- Steve O.

whig 01-19-04 07:49 PM

Even tho I have an Athlon 64 I'm parked in 32 bit mode because the official nvidia AMD64 drivers don't support kernel 2.6 and don't run 32 bit OpenGL games.

n1tyh 01-20-04 12:12 PM

Thanks for answering Whig. So, if I understand this correctly, there is no way to install nVidia drivers for the Athlon64 when I'm running Mandrake 9.2.

Geesh, that's disappointing. Maybe I'll have to upgrade to ATI.

LaNcom 01-20-04 04:48 PM

Well, ATI won't work on AMD64 _at all_.
Nvidia drivers will work on Linux 2.6.x/ AMD64, using the patches from minion.de.

BTW, there is not installer for 4499, you have to install them manually. Just follow the instructions on minion.de.

whig 01-20-04 08:10 PM

I don't know about Mandrake 9.2 + nvidia + 64 bit, but I've got Suse 9.0 AMD64 to go like that (just without agp-gart so it's slow.)

LaNcom 01-20-04 08:26 PM

Why don't you update to kernel 2.6.1? AGP works fine for me (AGP8x/ FW/ SBA) on the latest kernel...

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