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Imperito 09-29-02 10:59 PM

Does the GeForce 2 MX run particularly hot?
Its overheated on me quite a bit, playing B&W, playing UT2003, sometimes just sitting on an X-Server after having recently done something intensive.

I finally pulled off the case and pointed a 22 inch box fan at the sucker, seems to be working, for now...

thcdru2k 09-29-02 11:02 PM

it shouldn't...some geforce2mx don't even need a fan but just a heatsink to run. how is your room temperature? do you have cards directly underneath your geforce2mx? sounds like an air flow problem if sticking fan solves the problem. try moving any cards underneath the geforce2mx couple slots lower, or invest in a slot fan.

Imperito 09-29-02 11:04 PM

It's two cards away from the nearest on, and on the top slot, so nothing above but cables. It doesn't seem to have a fan onboard, though.

thcdru2k 09-29-02 11:11 PM

you mean there is no fan on the card itself? that could be it. i suggest you try underclocking your core until it is stable. the performance lost..will be minimal since its mostly memory bandwidth dependent, i know a geforce2mx is already slow enough as it is, but unless you want to keep that loud fan running, just lower your core speed till it doesn't crash anymore. or if you want go invest in a video card fan or slot cooler.

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