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facundosuarez 09-30-02 01:02 AM

Help a newbie in Debian PLS!
Hi. I am a newbie on Linux and installed Woody 30r0.

Since X didn't start because of my Geforce 2 MX 200 with the nv driver set, I installed SVGA with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-svga.

Now I can use X on 800x600 but I would like to have 1024x768. Can anyone help?

I read the nvidia Linux Page and I think I can use RPM "generics" but "DEBIAN" is not listed under the files needed for Kernel download. Besides all that info is really confusing to me!

Can anyone help me? I think all I need is "download this this and that, then install like this" to get it to work.

Thanks a lot!!!

PS: I already did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.

silamael 09-30-02 01:58 AM


Zou have to download the follwing files:

Unpack these with tar xfvz filename.tar.gz.
Read the manual files in there, install it accordingly and be happy :)
Ah, btw, you have to install the kernel-headers before you can install the kernel driver module.
Good luck!

frankjr 09-30-02 08:30 AM

Hrm... I cannot remember the exact names but you might want to run dselect and search for 'nvidia' and you want to install the kernel and glx sources. You will then need to read the /usr/doc/nvidia-* documentation and see what is needed to build the debs. If you want a more debian-ish way of doing things and you don't want the normal .tar.gz nvidia install trampling over some files, you may want to look into doing it that way.

silamael 09-30-02 08:42 AM

Frankjr is right :)
There are also 2 debian packages in the stable distribution named nvidia-glx-src and nvidia-kernel-src.
The better way would to use these two packages.
I haven't seen em and used the way described above. Works fine till now ;)

facundosuarez 09-30-02 02:36 PM


gonna try the first way. As for the second way I actually kinda did that.

I used apt-cache search nvidia and both files were there so I installed them with apt-get install <both modules>.

now I did that yesterday without the nvidia drivers installed first and so on since I was just playing around with anything that said "nvidia" (hehe) I hope I didn't screw up the installation.

Anyway, gonna try this later on today.

thanks people!

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