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aurels 01-20-04 02:21 PM

nForce2 under Linux
Hello, I'm new in the Linux World, please reply me in simple english without abreviations... beacause I'm belgian...

I've just installed Mandrake 9.2 and I can't install nForce2's options like integrated APU. I've allready installed the small RPM package distributed on nvidia.com but it doesn't work...

Who should I do to be able to use my integrated sound card??

Pease help


thinkliberty 01-20-04 07:32 PM

The sound should work out of the box for nforce2 and nforce2-S (400FSB) in mandrake 9.2, but by default the sound is muted. use aumix and kmix to make sure volume is turned up and not muted.

One time I had to mute and unmute the sound in aumix to get the sound to work.

aurels 01-21-04 02:31 PM


out of teh box? What does that mean?

thinkliberty 01-21-04 11:17 PM

out of the box means. that it works without having to download a driver from somewhere to get the thing to work...

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