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renwick56 01-20-04 03:31 PM

NVIDIA Personal Cinema FX 5200
I have just purchased an NVIDIA Personal Cinema FX 5200. I would like to use this to create a PVR. What drivers do I need to do this? Do the drivers I am looking for exists? What is the experience of others doing this?

Thanks in Advance for your help!

Ren Robinson

void 01-21-04 05:47 AM

Card's philips 7174HL tuner is not supported under linux. Try emailing to NVidia, perhaps they wake up when enough people keep on sending email.

The FX5200 side: I am using 1.0-4496 drivers, works fine with 2.4.24 kernel and both 4.2/4.3 XFree86. Haven't tried the VI-part of the VIVO, video out to TV works. With 2.6.0 kernel my system was unstable (i845 chipset) with NVidia kernel module (even the patched version, check http://www.minion.de/nvidia.html ).

Thunderbird 01-21-04 06:27 AM

Tvin and stuff like that is not really an Nvidia feature but something card makers added. There's a project called rivatv at http://rivatv.sf.net that has reverse engineered some windows drivers to figure out how to "talk" to the tvin/tvtuner chips. Using their drivers you might get everything working but rivatv might be slow and it doesn't like nvidia's drivers much.

void 01-22-04 07:06 AM

Thanks for the rivatv link!

Rivatv seems to contain drivers for 7108, 7111 and 7113 (plus some variants). Seems to recognize the FX500 PCI dev ID, I'll give it a shot.

MSI's 8918 Personal Cinema card has Philips SAA7174HL, most propably for tuner control and VI-part. See picture in
For example XP drivers and sw bundle use Philip's teletext (text tv) application.

To make things complicated FX-series contains TV-out on the FX chip itself. I do not know if the FX part or Philips chip is used to produce the tv out on personal cinema cards.
NVidia X-driver has tv-out option, and it seems to work.

Found these:
has SAA7174 support. Typo, must mean 7114.

void 01-25-04 07:44 AM

More on FX5200 personal cinema HW:
and Anand site containing link to
The tv tuner is Microtune mt2050, i2c controllable device.

l4v in 2.6.1, patched, has now support for MT2050 tuner,
alas SAA7174 support missing, tuner control is there.

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