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historian 01-20-04 04:04 PM

Why do I only get 50 fps?
Hey all. I just recently installed linux (RH9) and I have finally set up everything I need.
However, while browsing these forums I noticed that most people use the "gears" screensaver as a benchmark and get usually 1000+ fps even with outdated cards.
Well, for some reason it seems I only manage to get 50-60 fps on every screensaver I try. I originaly thought it was a Vsync but a search informed me that vsync is disabled by default in Linux (right?)
I'm pretty confused. I don't think I should be getting just 50 fps when everyone else gets 400 min...Did I forget to set anything? Am I doing something incredibly stupid? (I'm a newbie at linux so I guess I am doing *something* stupid)

My System has GeForce 3, Athlon 1800+, 128 RAM (Waiting for my 512 to return) and a VIA chipset
I'm using the 5328 drivers and I've applied the custom patch (I was getting 1 fps originaly)
I'm also using the nvidia AGP acceleration, not AGPGART (I get 50 with agpgart too)

so any thoughts?


sirexar 01-20-04 05:16 PM

im getting 40fps
im getting about 40fps

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