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H-A-V-A-C 01-20-04 04:12 PM

PNY 5800ULTRA-question?
I have a pny 5800 ultra.I just got this 1 back from pny rma.

I noticed that when i turn my computer on-- ill here the fan spin for a sec--but the fan no longer spins after that.

I didnt notice this before ,but does the fan spin at all in 2d mode?

It will spin in 3d mode.

I thought that the fan had 2 speeds--1 for 2d and 1 for 3d.

Am i wrong?


saturnotaku 01-20-04 04:14 PM

Nope, you're right. The dustbuster will activate at boot then go away once Windows loads. I'm not sure if the fan is completely shut off, but if not it's spinning at a speed low enough to keep the card cooled sufficiently for the lower clock speeds that it runs at.

Your card is behaving normally, no need to worry.

H-A-V-A-C 01-20-04 04:21 PM

Atleast on mine--the fan doesnt spin at all in 2d mode.

GlowStick 01-20-04 10:38 PM


Originally posted by H-A-V-A-C
Atleast on mine--the fan doesnt spin at all in 2d mode.
They changed it to not spin up in 2d mode, they says its not nessisary so i guess its not. seems to be working for people anyways.

H-A-V-A-C 01-21-04 11:08 AM

Thx for the info guys.

I have a 120 fan blowing on the card anyway so it really doesnt matter that the fan only works in 3d mode

It not as loud as what people would think--i guess it according to how solid and insulated your case is--but i always use headphones while playing games.

I almost purchased the 5950 ,but i really dont see enough speed increase to spend the money---waiting on the pci-x now.

I will admit that going with the amd 64 processer sped things up very well.

ricercar 01-30-04 06:04 PM

My PNY 5800 Ultra fan has always performed like you describe--fan on for power up or 3D gaming, but never for 2D. It's not performing significantly differently than my 5900 Ultra engineering sample, so I haven't been tempted to buy a consumer version.

Out of curiosity, What happened to your 5800U? I had to RMA a PNY 5800U that Just died one day, with artifacts even on the post screen. Since then, I've put a fan on the passively cooled backside, and never had a further problem.

bkswaney 01-30-04 06:09 PM

My 5800u done the same thing.
It's still kicking. I saw the guy who got it
from me had it for sale the other day. :)
It was a real overclocker tho. 590 core/1160
memory. ;) Rock stable.

quik_2_win 01-30-04 06:37 PM

PNY 5800 Ultra= nice card.
I am curious about the RMA though- what happened to it? Did they repair your card, or send you a NOS (new-old stock)? I would be surprised if PNY had these cards still sitting in a warehouse somewhere- their production was quite limited.

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