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Sm@ckdown! 01-21-04 01:18 PM

TwinView and OpenOffice don't work on RedHat
Hello yoyos

It seems that whenever I enable TwinView option with any of the latest Nvidia drivers, Open Office does not run, under any user.
An hour glass comes up like its working then goes away, at the command line it says segmentation fault.
I have other dual head systems using matrox and ATI video cards and they work just fine.

Any ideas about Open Office and how to fix the TwinView option to make it work?


rednuht 01-22-04 05:55 AM

not heard that one b4 but this
not heard that one b4 but this is what I would try.

disabling the NV xinerama info, this is taken from the readme

Option "NoTwinViewXineramaInfo" "boolean"
When in TwinView, the NVIDIA X driver normally provides
a Xinerama extension that X clients (such as window
managers) can use to to discover the current TwinView
configuration. Some window mangers can get confused by
this information, so this option is provided to disable
this behavior. Default: TwinView Xinerama information
is provided.

Sm@ckdown! 01-22-04 02:59 PM

TwinView Option
I tried placing Option "NoTwinViewXineramaInfo" "True"

and all it seemed to do was make 1 logical screen across both monitors as opposed to extending my screen onto the 2nd monitor.
And OpenOffice behaves the same, tries to comes up then nothing happens. And still get GOT HERE Segmentation fault at command line.

One thing I noticed was that using the "nv" driver instead of the "nvidia" driver, open office works fine but this means no dual head capability.

Oh well, thanks for your suggestion dude.

baziel 02-01-04 10:14 AM

TwinView and Redhat
what you might try is instead of using 'clone' use RightOf or Above or LeftOf or Below..

worked for me..


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