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groovemaneuver 01-21-04 06:59 PM

5328 Blank Screen Toshiba Satellite P25
Hi folks, I'm not really a newbie, but I just can't seem to figure this problem out. I have 3 systems running Fedora Core 1 with nVidia chipsets:
[list=1][*]nForce board w/ geForce 3 (Athlon 1600+)[*]AMD Board w/ geForce FX 5800 (Dual Athlon MP 1.2)[*]Intel Board w/ geForceGo FX 5200 (P4) -- Toshiba Laptop[/list=1]

I've attempted to get all of them up to the latest driver (5328), but only 2 out of three worked. The one that's giving me problems is the laptop. Initially it was a bit of a pain to get any driver working, as the screen resolution is non-standard (1440x900) -- it involved writing custom modelines. Once the modelines were ironed out, it worked fine all the way up through driver version 4620Beta.

All I get with 5328 is a blank screen, and no error messages -- I can even SSH in without any problems. If I switch to a different terminal or kill X, the text is barely legible/very distorted. If I boot into runlevel 3, the text is fine.

Any suggestions, ideas, etc.? :confused:

I've looked through the boards here and found similar issues, but nothing exactly like what I've encountered, and in any case, none of the suggestions have worked. Although the hardware is fairly different between my systems, the software and kernels are all nearly identical.

Thanks in advance!

stefan42 01-22-04 03:57 AM

I haven't heared of anybody who made it work.

Sad but true...

groovemaneuver 01-22-04 04:10 AM

Thanks for answering...

Originally posted by stefan42
I haven't heared of anybody who made it work...
Sad but true...

Well crap!!! :mad: That's not what I wanted to hear, but I appreciate your response. The laptop is definitely usable with the older driver, so I guess I'll just be staying there for a while longer.

Thanks again.

stefan42 01-22-04 04:23 AM

I really hope that future drivers will work again for our laptop, after all NVidias support for linux was one of the reasons to buy this one - and I do see many reasons to wait for new drivers: improvements in VBO, dynamic shader compiler, GLslang.

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