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mcooper7290 01-21-04 09:06 PM

Problem w/ Laptop "pane and scan" with external projector
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I'm having trouble with our Dell laptops going into "pane and scan" mode when we hook up external LCD projectors to the HD15 port. When I hot-key with Fn+LCD/CRT, the LCD projector displays 1024x768, but the laptop goes from 1024x768 to 640x480 which results in the standard XF86 "pane and scan" mode. This makes it very difficult to use the laptop display while doing a presentation/demo since you have to look at the projector screen.

Here's the config
- Dell Inspiron 5150
- nvidia GeForce FX Go5200
- Red Hat Linux 9 with all up2date fixes
- nvidia driver 5328
- XF86Config is set to use "1024x768" as initial default (attached)

I had to add:
Option "UseEdidFreqs"
just to get the thing to output to the projector.

I've tried setting SecondMonitor{HorizSync,VertRefresh} as well as HorizSync and VertRefresh, but neither made a difference.

I've tried using a "Modes" entry of just "1024x768", but it still goes into 640x480 with pane and scan.

Another problem is the mouse cursor disappears which is fixed by Ctl-Alt-F1 then Ctl-Alt-F7, but that's quite another.

We've had similiar problems under older revs of the nvidia driver.


mcooper7290 01-21-04 09:06 PM

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Here's the XF86Config log file.

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