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h1nch 01-21-04 10:05 PM

linux newb installation questions :(
hey im a complete newb to red hat, and the default video drivers that the OS came with are pretty bad so I downloaded the ones off of the nvidia website, and as I was reading the readme, it mentions that I should "exit the X server", and also change the runlevel.

I'm sure that changing the run level means editing whatever that config file is that executes when the OS loads, my question is under redhat 9, what is the file called, and where is it typically kept? im completely new to the linux directory structure so im kinda lost finding my way around folders

all i know about X-Server is that its related to x windows which i guess is the driving force behind the gui that i get to stare at

any help would be appreciated !!

LaNcom 01-21-04 10:37 PM

Well, to exit your X-Server, you have to press ctrl+alt+f1, then login as root, and enter 'init 3' to switch to runlevel 3. ('/etc/init.d/xdm stop' should also work).
Now you should be able to run the Nvidia installer.

LordMorgul 01-22-04 02:16 AM

If you desire to boot into text mode first, then make the changes, edit the file:

Note the first line that is NOT commented out, and the surrounding comments explaining what to do with it.

h1nch 01-22-04 06:25 PM

thanks guys i figured out how to switch to textmode and i installed the latest drivers and everything, but when i play a 3d game like chromium it runs extremely slow, like it was running on a 90mhz or something

i tried reading the help file with chromium but it has a lot of empty links to nvidia FAQs and what not

i was wondering if anyone else had any idea how i can fix this performance issue

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