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Silencer88 01-22-04 01:33 PM

searching for 2960 driver (suse 9.0)
I need to install the files NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-2960.suse90.i386.rpm and
NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-2960.suse90.i386.rpm so says NVchooser.sh but where do i find these files ?

Silencer88 01-25-04 03:34 PM

i seemed to be ignored or is this normal ?
does anyone know if the drivers exist at all ?

LordMorgul 01-26-04 03:03 AM

NVChooser.sh is very old and is telling you to install deprecated drivers.

If you're using Suse 8.1 or earlier you should use the RPM files available on the nVidia ftp, here.

Your message subject says you're using 9.0, so if that is accurate you should see this page instead. The linked text readme includes installation instructions.


You aren't ignored, it just takes time for someone to answer.. there are many posts on this forum and the many other forums those helping here frequent.

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