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Draine 01-22-04 05:12 PM

Low FPS in UT2003

I've got lag in Unreal Tournament 2003.

It doesen't happend when I look down, it runs smoothly than, but when I move my mousepointer up and moves around with the keys it starts to lag.

Using 800x600 fullscreen-mode

Geforce 4 Ti4200 128DDR
Pentium 4 @ 2ghz
Uata-133 7200rpm HDD

LordMorgul 01-22-04 05:37 PM

What is 'low'? First decide if its 'bad' or somewhat 'normal'.

I have a strange pattern of performance in the ut2k3 engine, and games based on it. The engine seems to be highly cpu dependent, with ~10 fps gain or loss from max texture / resolution settings down to min texture / resolution. I range from 5 - 30 fps during fly-by benchmarks.
Ge 4 ti4400, P4 2.0a on i850e chipset at 4xAGP, 512mb rdram
no difference in using agpgart vs nvagp.

Americas ArmyOps runs ~10 to 30fps on large outdoor maps, 50 - 70fps on smaller urban maps.

In ut2k3 console: stat fps

I did have a significant improvement in performance (it was worse!) from compiling alsa from cvs and replacing the sound module installed by the game. This is mentioned in the ut2k3 release faq.

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