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voodoo14 09-30-02 02:44 PM

Linux NooB
I am a windows expert but a linux noob. I have sucessfully downloaded and installed Mandrake 9.0. My question is, other than this forum, what are some good resources for linux noobs to get info on how to do the simple things like software install, driver installs, ect... thanks

bwkaz 09-30-02 05:10 PM

Search the fora at www.linuxnewbie.org

Their NHF's (newbieized help files) are also generally, well, helpful. If you have a specific problem, the people are usually pretty good at getting it fixed, too.

Also, the stuff at www.tldp.org (The Linux Documentation Project) is pretty good.

Online help is OK, once you read enough of the help pages to figure out what they're talking about. General form for online help is man <command>, where <command> is the Linux command you want help with. If you're just searching for something related to "keymap"s, for example, then man -k keymap will print a list of man pages that have the string "keymap" in their title or description (that match is case-insensitive). Sometimes man pages will refer you to Texinfo pages; when you hit one of those, just follow the instructions in the man page to call up the info page. Once in a while, there won't be any manpages installed at all, and trying info <command> might be helpful. If all else fails, you can always look through /usr/share/doc for package-specific documentation (HTML format, usually).

Matthyahuw 09-30-02 05:31 PM

That's some good info, lets sticky this, and everyone post good n00b help info sites. :cool:

mtrr 09-30-02 05:46 PM

maybe looking for a LUG* in your area
could be fruitful, there are _lots_ of them


voodoo14 09-30-02 08:40 PM

thanks bwkaz

i will start doing my homework


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