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nvgringo 01-23-04 09:29 AM

Some distro crash at startup others work fine
Consistent crash with some distributions of Linux
NV card- 5200 FX with 128 meg ram (svideo out and dvi ports not used), Processor-AMD 2600 XP Barton, Memory- 512 meg pc3200 ram, Hard Drive- 180 gig hd ata 100, Motherboard- DFI LanParty KT400A.
Some distributions crash when the Nvidia logo should show up. Other distros work fine.
I will use different live cds for my example since the settings are static.
With PCLinuxos (both of the newer versions 4 and 5) and Gentoo live cd, I can read that the Nvidia card is recognized but when the Nvidia logo should load I get random colors or characters. Control alt f1 does nothing. Control alt esc does nothing. I have to hard boot.
The Strange thing is that with Morphix live cd using xmodule=nvidia(any current version) and Aurox live CD I have no problem. They both boot to the Nvidia logo and have 3d enabled.
My problem is not exclusive to live cds. Suse 9 has the hard crash while the Debian distro I installed from Morphix works fine
I know that there should be more that I should post but I am not sure what. Iím still kind of new to Linux

SuLinUX 01-23-04 12:01 PM

Try THESES drivers that fix the issue.

I had the same problem but they sort it, besides I use the 4620 driver without any problems.

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