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bmzf 01-24-04 04:24 AM

X freezes with blank screen with TNT2 model 64
I think this problem has to do with my motherboard among other things.
The system is: 1400MHz AMD Athlon, 1GB ram, Nvidia TNT2 64, motherboard: ecs elite group K7AMA

I've installed the latest BIOS on this motherboard. If I had money, I'd smash it with a hammer. Anyway, with an older BIOS, X would start fine but would freeze after being used for a few minutes, regardless of whether I was doing normal stuff, or playing a 3D game.

Now with this new BIOS, it saves me the trouble and when I 'startx' it gives me a nice clean completely white screen and does nothing.

Please help, please please. Someone must know what's going on here.

I installed the latest Nvidia drivers as of Jan. 23, 2004, and I'm using Fedora Core kernel ~~2149
But my experience has shown that this problem has nothing to do with the kernel.

bmzf 01-24-04 01:24 PM

it works with windows
One other thing: 3D acceleration works fine with windows, so it's clearly possible that Nvidia can get this to work. I've noticed other's have had difficulty with the K7AMA Motherboard.
Anyone get this combo working successfully?

vdb 01-24-04 01:57 PM

Hi !
R U sure that your problem is due to your MB and not the drivers themselves ?
Plz look at my post.


bmzf 01-24-04 02:22 PM

From reading some other posts, it seems like it has to do with the Ali chipset on my motherboard

bmzf 01-24-04 05:13 PM

It's hopeless. Unless Nvidia declares excellent stability with ALi, I won't try it again.
It works great on my other computer by the way... which is an older Dell with a GeForce.

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