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Spir0 01-25-04 06:41 AM

Console screen crashing after leaving KDE
Good day !

Have a some problem with my GF4 MX440 graphics card

All modes working - console after load and nvidia drivers in KDE , but after i'm logout from KDE , console screen don't restoring - on screen have green
flashing rectangles and I don't see a normal console screen

In KDE console work correctly , so problem - why after logout don't restroring text console mode ?!

Driver - last version from nVidia
OS - Slackware 9.0
KDE - 3.1

Thanks !

GF440MXuser 01-25-04 08:45 AM

I've got the same problem here.

Reverting to 4363 solves the problem.

whig 01-25-04 06:04 PM

I sometimes had a hang on exit from X. But this hasn't happened at all since kernel 2.4.23 and 2.4.24.

delt 01-26-04 04:55 PM

Same **** happens on my P4S5A/DX+ (SiS chipset) motherboard + intel celeron 1.7GHz - even with AGP disabled --->


Everything works perfectly on my Via chipset Pentium III board, same video card tho.... weird.

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