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rosco 01-26-04 03:30 PM

How to UNinstall NVIDIA drivers
I'm having problems since I've installed the NVIDIA drivers. The system hangs randomly. The original Linux drivers without 3D support gave me no trouble, so I want to go back to the original settings.

Can anyone guide me through the NVIDIA UN-install process?

Andy Mecham 01-26-04 03:34 PM

Does your system hang randomly if you don't use AGP?

If you used the installer, just run 'nvidia-installer --uninstall'.


rosco 01-26-04 07:08 PM

The system hangs randomly, no matter what I do. Sometimes I can use the system fot an hour without the system hanging, but mostly it hangs within a few minutes after booting. I used the uninstall command you gave me. Everything seems to be back to normal again. I have no 3d support, but atleast the system is running again. I'll have to spend some more time learning about Linux before I'll install the Nvidia drivers again.

Thanks for your help!

Andy Mecham 01-26-04 07:09 PM

Instability like that is generally traced to a flaky AGP bridge.


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