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sirexar 01-26-04 09:01 PM

Do the new drivers have the nvidia-settings GUI that I saw in the "beta" linux drivers thread? if so where or how?

Andy Mecham 01-26-04 09:02 PM

No, they do not.


sirexar 01-26-04 09:07 PM

but under the advanced options dialog, it says directory for nvidia-settings to be installed. Just accidental?

Moled 01-26-04 09:13 PM


--nvidia-settings-prefix=[NVIDIA-SETTINGS PREFIX]
The prefix under which the NVIDIA XFree86 Settings Utility
(nvidia-settings) will be installed; the default is: '/usr'.

I guess its something we have to look forward to

Andy Mecham 01-26-04 09:15 PM

I can neither confirm nor deny... :D


Moled 01-26-04 09:25 PM

one thing this has reminded me of, will there ever be any documentation released on the NV-CONTROL extension?

I really can't see how thats going to kill you? :p

I guess that some sort of thermal support is planned? Not knowing the temp is one thing that really annoys me, since stuff is avaliable that does this in windows, along with overclocking etc :(

wink twice if correct etc :p

btw, are you back to stay on the forums andy, or will you be canishing for another 6 months? :afro:

SuLinUX 01-26-04 09:45 PM


Originally posted by Andy Mecham
No, they do not.


So why did the nvidia-settings panel not come with 5328?, dont nvidia think Linux users use AA or AF features, I find it strainge and considering the 4620's seem to be the best driver.

I'd love to know the situation with this?

Moled 01-26-04 09:54 PM

I also wonder why 4620 were the fastest yet

Andy Mecham 01-27-04 12:25 PM

Sorry, I really can't comment about any of this stuff yet.

Moled - yes, i'll be around as much as I can.


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