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JonathanM 07-31-02 11:30 AM

Locked PCI/AGP speeds
With the recent slew of P4 motherboards supporting a separate clock that will keeo the PCI and AGP ports locked at the correct frequencies, overclocking has no deterimental affect on them anymore (and thus eliminating them as a bottleneck to higher fsb speeds). This allows you to push only the CPU, board and memory itself to reach the absolote maximum speed.

I think this is the best overclocking tool since jumper-less motherboards and can't wait to get my p4 system built to check it out.

What do you guys think? Will we ever see such a feature on upcomming AMD-based boards?

netviper13 07-31-02 11:41 AM

Well nForce2 is supposed to let you set the AGP/PCI buses at whatever you want to, so I would say that's a version of that feature.

DTD2003 08-07-02 11:54 PM

I'm wondering if any SiS 648 mobos have the PCI/AGP speed lock you spoke of. Can anyone give specific mobos that have this feature? Thanks from a Intel noob..

TheOneKEA 08-08-02 06:45 AM

I want that feature
Being able to arbitrarily set the AGP/PCI bus frequencies within a certain range of values can be a very valuable overclocking tool. The only issue is making sure the mobo makers install BIOS code which can handle a 5:2:1 clock ratio.

jc4ever 08-11-02 04:00 PM

AGP and PCI Speed..
I want to overclock my celeron tualatin@ 1.1 ghz..
I have oc already @ 1.4 and it loads windows and runs stable but my AGP bus is running too high @ 84 mhz.. I de-oc again back to 1.1 ghz because I am afraid I can damage my video card... is it 84 mhz a normal speed like that it wont damage my hardware??

and since my celeron ratio is locked... is there any other way that I can increase the FBS and keep the AGP/PCI speed low and safe???

I'd appreciate any help, comment on this,

Thanks in advance,


john19055 08-17-02 06:31 PM

If you can get it to 133fsb it should switch back to 33pci bus and 66agp bus since that is what a PIII runs at, if it will overclock that high.On my celli 1.3 I could get it to 133FSB but I had to raise the cpu voltage.

jc4ever 08-26-02 09:24 PM

Sounds reasonable.. but I cant get my celeron at 133... the higest speed I can get it is 131, I dont know why since, my motherboard supports p3 at 133 too...

I had my system working for a long time oc with the agppci bus speed running high but I lost confidence and took it back to its normal speed... anyway I dont know if I really need that boost..

Thanks for the tip anyway I am sure it will help though..


john19055 08-27-02 09:22 PM

Did you raise the cpu voltage then try to hit 133FSB,that was the way I got my that high.

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