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surtur 01-26-04 10:23 PM

SUSE 9.0 and 5336 install
This may have been covered in another forum, but I will pass this on anyway. This was the third driver I have installed since SUSE 9.0 came out. For some reason, it botched completely. I place no blame on NVIDIA or SUSE, I think it was just a matter of writing the same files over and over, or some such vagary of the bits.
No matter I did, nothing would fix my install. I could not get X to load the GLX libs, and I was getting frame buffer performance. The long and short of it, after a couple of hours of key-banging, I uninstalled the NVIDIA drivers. I then went into YaST, uninstalled my vid card, set it back up again, and logged out. I then re-installed the NVIDIA VIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1.run driver. It was fscking magic!
I picked up 121 frames per minute on glxgears. My frame rates in Armagetron went sky high. And my America's Army performance was smoother than ever.
Sometimes youjust have to quit trying to fix things, back up, punt, and play the next down. Thank you NVIDIA for the great Linux drivers, and the continuing development.

p0g0 02-21-04 02:53 PM

how did u uninstall them?

surtur 02-21-04 11:07 PM

Yast->Hardware->Graphics card and monitor
Select card, then select "Remove this card." If you attempt to save it, it will tell you that you have to configure at least one video card. Then you just set up everything from scratch in Yast. BTW, I had to do this again, when the last kernel update came in. I tried screwing with the driver for about an hour, never could get 3D working. Finally gave up and did this, and SHAZAM!, all good again.

SuLinUX 02-22-04 12:11 AM

Uninstalling the nvidia driver is just,

Ctrl, Alt F3
login root, type init 3
cd /usr/bin
nvidia-installer --uninstall

surtur 02-22-04 01:26 AM

Yeah, I tried that on numerous occassions. Even re-installed older releases of the NVIDIA driver. Same problems persisted. The uninstall/reinstall video card trick was all that worked. I would love to hear of a better way, but that one is fast, and works every time so far.

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