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gnumarco 01-27-04 12:51 PM

geforce2 go and nec versa P440
hi all. I have a laptop nec Versa P440 (P4M 1,7G and GeForce2 go). I've tried to use the VGA out to connect to a videoprojector (or 2nd monitor) but no way..it doesn't work. It only works with the vesa driver but with the nvidia driver, the vga out only displays a black screen (when not using twinview) or X raises an error (failed to read mapping of display devices to CRTCs) when using twinview. Also, when using the nvidia driver, the framebuffer is really ugly (as if it had frequency problems)

Onyone has an idea?

don't hesitate to email me !


Andy Mecham 01-27-04 12:54 PM

Please post a verbose X log from a failed attempt with TwinView. A verbose log can be generated with 'startx -- -logverbose 5'.


gnumarco 01-28-04 03:05 AM

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Here's my log with twinview enabled

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