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dleemans 01-27-04 05:31 PM

No AGP on Sis746 based mobo with Kernel 2.6.1

I just installed the latest nvidia drivers (5536) successfully
on a Slackware 9.1 system with kernel 2.6.1.
card is a Geforce4 MX-440, mobo is an Asrock K7S8X.
X is solid stable and 3D accelleration seems ok, but 2D is awfully slow. You can actually see the background being drawn.
Kernel agp loads but doesn't mention the chipset found (as it does in 2.4.24, where it finds a Sis746 AGP chipset)).
The XFree86 log mentions this :
(WW): NVIDIA : unable to verify AGP usage
When the nvidia module loads, the kernel produces this :
unable to retrieve symbol table
This only happens with kernel 2.6.x, everything is ok on kernel 2.4.x.
Maybe something for the kernel 2.6 AGP maintainer ?
Other people with the same issues ?

Kind regards,


zander 01-27-04 05:35 PM

Make sure you have both agpgart.ko and the actual backend driver (in your case sis-agp.ko) loaded before you start X.

dleemans 01-27-04 05:58 PM

Thx, problem is indeed solved now :

the sis-agp module was simply not loaded. Apparently, this does not happen automatically even though my kernel is build with "auto module loading".
I adapted /etc/rc.d/rc.modules to load the sis-agp module on boot.

Kind regards,


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