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Richard_JN 01-27-04 05:39 PM

Corrupted screen on second *identical* monitor (2x 1600x1200 LCD,DVI)
This is weird: I have 2 identical 1600x1200 LCD/DVI monitors, and the second one will *not* display properly. The on-screen-monitor-setup indicates 1600x1200,75kHz,60Hz but the image is shredded - some sort of sync problem.
This is even true with clone mode, when the 2 displays should be identical.

I've tried switching monitors and modes - the problem is specific to the second video channel when used via DVI. (Swapping the LCDs proves it's not an LCD problem). I've tried everything I can think of, including different frequencies, modes, colour depths,...

Please help - this is drving me spare! Even if someone can tell me whether this is:
- a driver issue
- a configuration issue
- faulty hardware (unlikely, I think - everything is new, and works fine on lower modes)
- or just impossible with this card,
that would be really helpful. I'm getting nowhere! I'll buy a second card or upgrade the card if that would help. (It's an FX5200)



Andy Mecham 01-27-04 09:53 PM

What vendor made your card? Do you see the sync problem at a lower resolution?


Richard_JN 01-27-04 10:04 PM

The card is made by Asus - it is a:
Asus GF FX5200 V9520TD 128MB DDR400 +DVI +TV-out

The problem only occurs at 1600x1200, only on the second channel, and only if I use the DVI input to the screen.

Unfortunately, running the LCD at anything other than its native resolution produces severe blurring, while using the VGA cable causes fuzziness. The LCDs are both Videoseven L20CM, capable of 1600x1200@60Hz, DVI.

Thanks for your help


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