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jimmybartlett 01-29-04 12:03 AM

Redhat 9 can't kill x to install driver
I will warn you all i am an uber-n00b. I'm running a geforce fx 5200 personal cinema card and i am trying to install the driver for it in redhat 9. it will not allow me to install the drivers while x is running but i cannot shut it down using init 3, as the command is not recognized and i cannot kill the task because it restarts itself immediately. anyone have any ideas?

whig 01-29-04 01:55 AM

You need to be root to init 3 / telinit3. Or change your runlevel in /etc/inittab and reboot.

jimmybartlett 01-29-04 08:27 AM

I actually did run the init 3 command as root and it still said that it was a bad command, like it didn't exist... maybe i'm just new to redhat. Thanks for the tip, any other ideas?

geowiz 01-29-04 08:35 AM

Path ?
Could be a path issue. Try using full path /sbin/init 3 .
If that comes back with command not found, check that it's installed properly with rpm -V SysVinit. No output indicates it is installed correctly.

Hope that helps and is the issue.

SlaYMode 01-29-04 09:06 AM

X keeps respawning because you're using a Display Manager (maybe KDM, GDM or XDM).
try to kill kdm (if you use this):
# killall kdm

otherwise do a:
# ps aux
and try to find out from the output what DM is active, then kill it.

jimmybartlett 01-29-04 09:14 AM

I'm at work right now but as soon as i get back home i will try these ideas out! thanks a lot guys!
I am really glad the linux community is so friendly. one day i hope to be as helpful to other n00bs as you all have been to me.

blata 01-29-04 09:55 AM

first what environment are you typing init 3 in? That is have you switched to a vertual ternminal or are you doing in from within a Xterm window?

hold the LEFT ctrl and alt keys then hit one of the F key between 1 and 6 (there are six "vertual terminals living on the f keys. Your X display acctualy lives on F7.

once loged in as root on a vertual terminal type

whereis init

you should get somthign like this.
whereis init
init: /usr/src/linux-2.4/init /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-28.9/init /sbin/init /etc/init.d /usr/share/man/man8/init.8.gz

/sbin/init is teh one your looking for. The sbin directorys hold exacutables that only root can access.

if its there then simply type init 3 enter you should see some services shutting down. and to check that X is realy dead hit ctl+alt F7 and it will be a black screen with a blinking curser.

go back to your vertual turminal and run your NVIDIA*.run. Hopfully all will be good.

when your XF86config is eddited type in init 5 to go back to graphical mode. Be sure to go back to your virtual turminal and log out of root.

jimmybartlett 01-29-04 10:43 AM

LOL!! I love your signature!
I'm going straight home to try out these ideas

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