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guigouz 01-29-04 07:02 AM

overscan with new drivers ?
Did anyone get TVOverscan working with the new drivers and kernel 2.6 ? I'm using a GeForce4 420Go on a toshiba laptop, still with 4363 drivers (they hang when I switch to a console, but at least I get decent image quality on tv-out)

theDOC 01-29-04 10:39 AM

i would like to know too! i'm using my onboard geforce 4 mx of my asus a7n8x-vm and the only driver that is able to overscan my tv-out is the 4363.
so please tell me if it's worth updating. thanx

Spudman 01-29-04 11:52 AM

No luck with 5336 & overscan on a GeForce4 MX 420. Back to 4363 for me, as it's the only version I've ever found to have overscan that worked.

tobi 02-01-04 04:28 AM

I have the same Problem on my Asus Geforce4 MX440.
The last Driver TVOverScan works was 4363.

drees 02-02-04 03:07 AM

Another "me too". Last driver where overscan worked for me and my FX 5200 was 4363. 5336 does not overscan at all. :( Bios revision is, I'm using a card made by Asus, and they don't have any bios updates for video cards on their website so that is the latest. I am running Fedora Core 1 along with a vanilla 2.4.24 kernel.

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