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KnowledgeSeeker 01-29-04 01:16 PM

Quadro 2 Elsa Gloria problem with Linux Fedora Core 1
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Hello QuadroBuffs,
I have an nVidia Quadro 2 based Elsa Gloria II card - I got the drivers from the site and managed to install it under Fedora Core 1. So much for the success part of it.
The problem is when I run it at any resolution, I get shadows ets and when I move one window it drags several streaks with it. and if I have more than one window open, it is an ugly sight. For example, if a menu overlaps the panel, the last two items are rendered in white/gray.
I have used the basic X -configure output as the XF86Config and have followed religiously the directions given in the README in the driver lump (Remove the DRI module etc.). I have attached the XF86Config file with this message.
Ugly !
Pleeeeeeeeeease help ! I am willing to try out RedHat 9 but I love gnome 2.4 and would like to keep it at Fedora Core 1.
Thanks much

saturnotaku 01-29-04 01:17 PM

Can't be called much of a knowledge seeker if 'ya ain't lookin' in the right place now can 'ya? ;)


KnowledgeSeeker 01-29-04 01:21 PM

Thanks for the pointer !

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