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RobHague 01-29-04 06:06 PM

Yay or ney? :)

Im on my 3rd NVIDIA GeforceFX 5900 that was not what i ordered. i.e. It said 400/850 or 400/800 and i got a 400/700 card.

I dont trust sites now that have the 5900's listed with 850mhz memory, i cant be doing with yet another return.

I was just looking around and i saw a Leadtek 5800 (non-ultra of course :)) for 166! New.

Sounds a good deal, my 5900 cost 187...

How does the 5800 do nowerdays with the 5x.xx series of drivers?

- Ta

The Baron 01-29-04 06:07 PM

it's like a 5700U. since most things aren't fill-rate limited, you probably won't see that huge a performance increase compared to a 5700U because of the 128-bit bus.

maybe just order from the States? heh

RobHague 01-29-04 06:10 PM

Hmmmm, but i thought the 5700U was 4x1 and the 5800 8x1 (well in NVIDIA's whacky idea of that anyway ;)). Makes no decent performance difference at all? :(

Dunno, at least i know what ill be getting. ;) Another AWFUL trend with 5900's now is the lack of Temperature Monitoring :mad:.

Looks like a 5700U or a 5800 then i guess...

ragejg 01-29-04 06:33 PM

ok, not like we trust 'em the most (but they were pretty straightforward tests and scores, you gotta admit), but THG's newest VGA charts do show what a 5800 can do... oh and btw, 5800 non ultra's can almost always clock to ultra levels, so basically look @ the 5800 Ultra scores... I think you'll likey...

The Baron 01-29-04 06:34 PM

well, the only game that I can think of off the top of my head that's fillrate (or geometry) limited is Savage. so, no, you probably won't see a huge difference (if one exists at all) between the 5700U and the 5800 because the bandwidth is the same.

anzak 01-29-04 06:39 PM

Here http://www.compuplus.com/insidepage....tag&id=1001829 comp-u-plus has the BFG 5900NU for $166 :eek: Makes me wish my notebook docking station had an AGP slot.

Ruined 01-29-04 07:50 PM

I have not heard a 5800 (ultra or non-ultra) that is not irritatingly loud, especially when idle. The 5900NU 400/700 isn't noticably slower than the 400/850 model, you might as well just stick with it. The 5900NU will toast the 5800 on DX9 games and if you use AA/AF.

ragejg 01-29-04 07:56 PM

probably true...

zakelwe 01-30-04 08:14 AM

Gainward FX 5900 Ultra/1200 XP 128M Golden Sample
Product Code : 4981
GPU : GeForce FX 5900


Memory-Clock : 400/850

Memory Clock : 440/900

I think I mentioned this before :)

My own expensive 5800 ( remember it from a couple of months back? )_ is still in one piece and not modded and is doing well in games at 450/1000. Definitely qucker in halo than the 5700U. Does 6500 in 3dmark03 and 20k in 2001 with terribly reduced LOD levels ( imagine a Volari on a good day ).

166 sounds a good buy, shame we have to pay so much extra over the USA.



digitalwanderer 01-30-04 08:39 AM

Mmmmmm. I love the Gainward golden sample line, they just overclock like mad! :D (I'm being serious, I really like Gainward and have had superiour experiences with their cards. :) )

RobHague 01-30-04 09:03 AM

Come accross this today...



Creative Labs 3D Blaster 5 FX5900 8x AGP DirectX v9.0 128MB DDR nVidia NV25 Chip 450MHz Core TV-Out DVI and MPEG-2 Decoding AGP
Hmmmmmmm, NV25?? 450Mhz Core?? Then the product information states...


The 128MB of 700MHz RAM works with a 256-bit core running at 400MHz
Don't online stores just really p*ss u off sometimes ;).

marqmajere 01-30-04 09:06 AM

Just buy a BFG and be done with it. :)

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