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MarvMan 01-30-04 10:58 AM

blank screen starting Xserver
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I am running an Nvidia GForce 2 mx 200 in a Gigabyte MB using VIA KT133 chipset. I have redhat 9 and the nv driver was working. I installed the NVidia driver to improve performance and get twinview working. I have a AOC 9Glrs CRT and a Gateway Digital LCD display. When I load the NVidia driver without twinview options, my CRT blinks a couple of times and goes blank. When I add the twinview options I get the error you see in the log.

I'll post another message with the config file. I don't know how to attach multiple files


MarvMan 01-30-04 11:00 AM

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Here is the config file

MarvMan 02-03-04 03:43 PM

I replaced my Pony Verto GeForce 2 MX 200 board with an AOpen GeForce FX 128. I thought the newer board might to better. I reloaded RedHat 9 from scratch and reloaded NVidia driver. I still get the black screen when starting X. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace will not kill the XServer in this state, but Ctrl-Alt-Del will reboot.

whig 02-03-04 05:28 PM

Nvidia did have a problem with Via chipsets. This was meant to be fixed.

John Petrucci 02-03-04 05:52 PM

whig, could my problem be my chipset Via KT266A??? :confused:

whig 02-03-04 09:51 PM

My other computer has a Via KT266A, the 5336 drivers are OK with it. So it's probably not that. Sorry but I know nothing about twin views. Maybe you should disable twin view for a little while getting it working.

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