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Clay 01-30-04 11:49 AM

The Baron's Avatar
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Okay I just can't take it anymore. The Baron is in serious need of an avatar. Enough of this sans-avatar zen movement kick he's on. I don't know who you are anymore man! It's like talking to a wall!!! :D

So, let's here some ideas for an avatar for The Baron. And no, we're not going to request that he use the attached image as an avatar. That is just out of the question. :p

ClyssaN 01-30-04 12:23 PM

The guy in the pic looks like the badass from Gangs of NY :D

Sazar 01-30-04 12:24 PM

not sure if I can picture teh baron as daniel day lewis...

gmontem 01-30-04 12:35 PM

How about a Snoopy and the Red Baron thing?

The Baron 01-30-04 12:47 PM

Ahha. I know what avatar to use.

I'll add it when I get home. :)

digitalwanderer 01-30-04 12:49 PM

Hmmmm....an avatar for Baron?

Lemme think on it and putz around a bit....

Skuzzy 01-30-04 06:54 PM

Yes yes,..a putz! That'll do it! hehe :D

ragejg 01-30-04 08:46 PM


ragejg 01-30-04 08:50 PM


ragejg 01-30-04 08:56 PM

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ahh, perfect!!


ClyssaN 01-30-04 08:57 PM

scary :eek:

doom3 screenshot ? :)

ragejg 01-30-04 09:03 PM


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