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grahamp 01-30-04 03:12 PM

SuSE 8.2 & nVidia 3D setup problem (newbie)
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I have recently bought an XFX GeForce4 MX440 AGP 8X 128Mb graphics card which works perfectly in Win 2000 (and with very little effort!).
In SuSE 8.2 (Kernel 2.4.20-4Gb-athlon), it works fine in 2D, but I can't work out what I'm meant to do to get 3D working properly. I have been working on driver version 1.0.4496, as earlier messages suggested that the later one may not work properly.
The MB is an Asus A7V133-c, with Athlon 1600 processor.
With the NVIDIA Installer, I have managed to create anv-linux.o file, but can't work out what to do with it.
The instructions say" mkprecompiled --interface=nv-linux.o --output=nv-linux.o.........mv nv-linux.o-mykernel precompiled/"

I don't understand this at all.:confused:

Is there an idiot version of what I need to do to get it to work on my system? I suspect that, having the nv-linux.o file that it isn't that far off being useable, but haven't the slightest idea as to what it might be.

I attach the XFree86.0.log and XF86Config.log files if it helps.
I'm fairly new to linux, so anything above idiot level may not mean much ;)

Thanks, Graham

whig 01-30-04 06:30 PM

It seems to me you are not following nvidia's install instructions. They boil down to "sh NVIDIA...run" and let it do the work.

DisastersMaster 01-31-04 04:23 AM

For the installing the driver under SuSE Linux 8.2 exists a help-file in german. The link you can find in the download- area of the drivers.

Here in short- form, what stands in this file:

- close your X- session
- jump to console 1 (Ctrl+ Alt+ F1)
- login as root
- switch to runlevel 3 (init 3)
- cd- ing to /usr/src/linux (cd /usr/src/linux)
- command: make cloneconfig && make dep
- cding in the directory, where the file was downloaded ( for example cd /home/disastermaster/public_html/drivers/nvidia)
- sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1.run
- run sax with special options (sax2 -m 0=nvidia [0 is a digit, not a letter! and it stands for the slot where the card is in)
- and now, its very important! let stand the monitor on 60 Hz !
- test the server, correct the picture
- edit the file /etc/X11/XF86Config with an editor (for example joe /etc/X11/XF86Config)
- search the section Section "Monitor" and edit the lines with HorizSync und VertRefresh (for example
HorizSync "31-60"
VertRefresh "50-75"
- save the file (joe= Ctrl+k+x)
- switch to runlevel 5 (init 5)

Thats all.



grahamp 01-31-04 03:43 PM

Hi again,

when I tried to run the nvidia installer using sh....run as suggested by whig, I got the following error message (or something very similar):

"-> No matching precompiled kernel interface was found on the NVIDIA ftp site;
this means that the installer will need to compile a kernel interface for
your kernel.
-> Kernel source path: '/usr/src/linux'
-> Performing cc_version_check with CC="cc".
ERROR: Unable to determine the NVIDIA kernel module filename.
ERROR: Installation has failed. Please see the file
'/var/log/nvidia-installer.log' for details. You may find suggestions
on fixing installation problems in the README available on the Linux
driver download page at www.nvidia.com."

As I was in runlevel 3, I couldn't connect to the internet to go to the ftp site, and there isn't a /usr/src/linux directory. I looked on the nvidia site, but couldn't find what I needed.

The lack of the directory (I do have /usr/src/ ,just no linux directory) also means I can't try DisasterMaster's suggestion, unfortunately, so I'm no further forward.


Thanks for the suggestions, but still not cracked it, yet, I'm afraid,
Graham :(

PS have attached XF86Config.log, just in case it is helpful

whig 01-31-04 04:25 PM

Unpack your kernel source - type:

uname -a

... this will give you your kernel version. Find the corresponding source package and go from there.

grahamp 02-01-04 04:01 PM

Sorry, still completely lost.

uname -a gives me the kernel name (2.4.20-4GB-athlon).

Do I need to install a new kernel now?

I have cd'd to usr/src & the only subdirectory there is "packages" - nothing with the name of the kernel in it at all (or even a reference to linux-2.4.20....

Not sure I understand " Find the corresponding source package and go from there." From where? Then what?

Still fairly "green" with linux - used DOS in about 1988, but moved on to XP at home and have forgotten most of what I ever knew with DOS ages ago.

Whilst I know it's very powerful, getting used to command line again is taking some getting used to, especially when I'm not sure what I'm doing (or why!!)


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