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capybara 01-30-04 09:19 PM

DFP not automatically recognized with 5336 -> gives "out of range" error
My GeForce3 Ti 200 is connected to an LCD monitor with a DVI cable, and nothing is connected to the VGA output. In this situation, the system boots and displays text in the text console just fine. I installed the 5336 drivers and started X, which resulted in the monitor displaying an "out of range" error. It was not a "no signal" error, so the graphics driver was sending something down the DVI port, but for some reason it didn't realize that it was using the DVI port, and was probably sending something very strange. Adding the option

Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP"

fixed the problem. And now, for the first time in the history of nvidia drivers, I have DVI working perfectly, including DPMS power off and the ability to switch back to the text console. I can finally throw away my VGA cable!! So thanks, nVidia! Just fix that last DVI bug and the driver will be perfect.

Andy Mecham 01-31-04 12:02 AM

Out of Range means the mode that X tried to set was one that your flat panel couldn't handle. Are you sure your hsync and vrefresh settings are correct for your panel?


capybara 01-31-04 12:40 PM

Yes, hsync and vsync were correct according to the manual and agreed with the defaults used automatically if left unspecified. The resulting modes were modes that had worked before. Just to be sure, I had tried setting vsync to 60 only, though the monitor can handle 50-75 Hz.

Currently, this is my entire monitor section:

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "panel"
Option "DPMS"
horizsync 30-82
vertrefresh 50-75

These settings only work as long as I have "DFP" set explicitly. I'll post my server logs with and without the DFP option in a sec...

capybara 01-31-04 12:43 PM

log with DFP set
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Here's my log with the option

Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP"

in XF86Config. Note that the frequencies are detected correctly.

capybara 01-31-04 12:55 PM

no DFP log
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And here's the log without the DFP option. I get an out of range error in this case, though most of the log looks the same, including the first validated mode. There's a warning about setting the card to CRT mode in there, but why would I be getting any signal on the DFP port if the card is in CRT mode? And why can't it stick with the mode that the card was in already?

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