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b165 01-31-04 05:40 AM

Debian+5336+2.6.0 = black screen
i've tried to install new nvidia drivers on stable 2.6.0.
First of all installer couldn't find kernel sources.

--kernel-name=`uname -r`


But there was problem with module load (depmod & QM_MODULES)

I've updated module-init-tools (apt-get install module-init-tools) and it helped.

Now I can run the installer without any switches. But I still can't start XWindow system.

In xfree86.log ewerything seems look fine, but after initialization there is black screen with few noise dots in left-upper corner.

I've read forum and driver reinstall (installer --unistall + ...) should help, but for me it doesn't work :(

Hardware: nforce2 + fx5200.

Please, help :angel:

b165 01-31-04 10:15 AM

I've got solution :D

In /etc/X11/XConfig-4 i've added line:

Section "Device"
Option "NvAgp" "0"

and it works quite fine :afro:

But I don't know what it really means. Does it disable Agp advantages?

zander 01-31-04 10:30 AM

It costs performance; which AGP GART driver did you use, Linux AGPGART or NVIDIA's internal AGP GART driver? In case of the former, it may help to switch to NVIDIA's builtin driver (making sure that Linux AGPGART is neither statically linked into the kernel nor loaded as a module).

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