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learninglinux 02-01-04 05:56 PM

help needed AMD64/nforce3_150/FX5700
Hello everyone,

I just got my AMD64 PC with motherboard
and graphics card that utilizes nforce3 150
and FX5700 chips respectively.

This is my first time installing and using Linux,
currently RedHat 8.0 Linux sits in my hdb1,2,3
drives (2nd HDD); and default kernel version
is 2.4.18-14.

I have the following questions/problems and
hope you can help me:

1) Do I need to download and install latest
Nvidia nforce3 driver software? I don't
think I get sound working without installing
the driver, but I'm still stuck at this stage
and need your help on how to do this

2) Do I need to download and install latest
Nvidia 5332 graphics driver software? Do
I need to install the nforce3 driver before
installing the 5332 (i.e. AGPGART support)?

I have no idea what AGPGART is, and not sure
why there isn't any single driver program that
deals with all these issues at once?

I've spent more than 2 weeks, and still can't
make any progress (i.e. how to fully utilize
my Nvidia hardware in Linux environment).

Please HELP ME!!!

(a linux newbie)

P.S.: If you can tell me which linux distro
(i.e. free one) to use without kernel
upgrade headache, I don't mind to
re-install Linux on my 2nd HDD from

LaNcom 02-01-04 09:24 PM

Hi, and welcome aboard!

Redhat 8 is, AFAIR, 32bit, so you wouldn't need the AMD64 nforce drivers, nor could you use 5332. You should use the x86 nforce drivers, and 5336 for your Geforce.

1.) No, not really. Even sound may work with ALSA, but I don't know about ethernet (I use a Tyan board with AMD chipset). The instructions supplied by Nvidia are not that hard to understand, what exactly du you want to know?

2.) No, cause AGPGART is part of your kernel. But I think there may be problems with the 2.4.18 AGPGART and your chipset. I would suggest updating Linux to some 64bit distro based on kernel 2.6.x first.

And well, the only distro for AMD64 I could suggest right now would be gentoo (everything 64bit and kernel 2.6.1 with AMD64 fixes) - have no fear, it's not as hard as most people think. The installation instructions are top-notch, and the gentoo community is really great if you have any problem.
Maybe I'll see you on forums.gentoo.org, 'Gentoo on Alternative Architectures' anytime soon?


learninglinux 02-04-04 06:11 PM

Hello LaNcom,

Thank you for your info and advice.
Before reading your post, I wouldn't
have learned that RedHat 8 is for 32-bit

I've looked into gentoo website and
some articles, but can't find out how
to create a bootable CD(s) for installation.
Can you give me some ideas on how to
do this?

In the mean time, I have downloaded
nforce (1 or 2???) and IA32 driver for
my RH8 o/s.

Drivers seem to work okay, except I'm
not sure if my nvnet (NIC) control part
(from nforce driver software) is working
or not. I haven't connected my new PC
to internet yet...

Once again, thank you for your info; and
I look forward to hear from you again.

(a Linux newbie)

borgzilla 02-05-04 03:11 AM

Gentoo is aimed for power users. Maybe you should consider buying Suse linux 9 professional 64bit edition or wait for some free easy-to-install 64bit distribution.

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