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Frithjof 02-02-04 05:17 AM

Graphic errors and no keyboard
I recently purchased a new card, Winfast Geforce FX 5200.
The drivers successfully installed on my debian sid system running
kernel 2.6.0. When I startx,. xdm shows up in an odd way:
graphics are recognizable, but they contain several errors that differ
with each start of X. The mouse reacts normally, but keyboard input is not
possible anymore.

I use the actual x86 kernel, but tested 4620 as well.
My attached XFreeConfig is a modified SuSE one, that once worked with
my former card.

Frithjof 02-02-04 05:20 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is my log, if that helps.

Frithjof 02-02-04 05:22 AM

1 Attachment(s)
grr, forgot to attach my config...

Frithjof 02-02-04 05:24 AM

Note: My config says that I use the vesa driver: This is just because I had
to switch back to it to get a working X. Of course, the problems I described occur with the nvidia driver and not with vesa.

Moled 02-02-04 05:26 AM

why not use "nv" instead?

does that work?

Frithjof 02-02-04 07:11 AM


Originally posted by Moled
why not use "nv" instead?

does that work?

No, unfortunately, the nv driver does not support my Geforce FX 5200 chip.
I think this would not replace the 'real' nvidia driver anyway (?)

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