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lordflash 02-03-04 06:52 AM

5336 - module disappeared
today was my first day with linux (suse 9) and after some looking about, i wanted to install the latest driver for my geforce 2 ti.... although it was not easy for a beginner, i finally managed, but now the gui won't start again... i found out that xfree86 doesn't load... when i try to load it manually, it says that it failed to initialize nvidia kernel module... if i try to start that thing manually, the system can't find that module either (all the time, i'm on that blue screen with white font, i think it is called grub).
what's wrong? what do i have to do? if nothing else works, uninstalling the new driver and accepting that i have no 3d-functions would be ok....

whig 02-03-04 05:37 PM

Some of us need to modprobe nvidia before starting X, so try that. Also try the nv or vesa drivers because they are easier to get going than nVidia's - that would give you a starting point.

lordflash 02-04-04 07:25 AM

thanks for your idea, i will try that.

i did modprobe nvidia, it says that it can't find a module called nvidia.

eswan 02-04-04 08:23 AM

Try running 'find /lib/modules -name nvidia\*' (without quotes)
That should tell you if the module is located anywhere near the right place.

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