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Grendel 02-03-04 08:03 AM

FX5600/Twinview flicker problem
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I've got a really annoying, intermittant flicker problem that I just can't solve. I run my box with a couple of Dell analogue TFT screens attached to my FX5600, and on the screen that's attached to the DVI out (with the VGA adaptor), I get a strange, quick yet very distracting flicker on the bottom half of the screen every few minutes. I tried swapping monitors - no difference, so it's definitely caused by the output. I recompiled my kernel to turn off all the APIC and ACPI functions, as mentioned in the driver README - no difference. I changed my window manager - nothing. I've hacked around with all manner of X config settings - nothing. I just can't make it stop and it's driving me mad. Downgrading the drivers to various older versions doesn't seem to make a bit of difference either.

The same thing happened with my previous card (an FX5200), which I sent back in the hope that it was just broken, but the same thing is happening with my new one and I just don't know what to do.. Google and all sorts of various forums I've searched in yield nothing. GL games work fine, and it doesn't seem to happen when running in console mode, weirdly..

Can anyone help?

System info:
Dell Optiplex GX270, 512mb RAM
Mandrake 9.1, Kernel 2.4.21-0.13 (custom compile)
XFree86 4.3.0, Fluxbox WM
2x Dell E171FPs running at 1280x1024/24bit/60hz (native mode)
Nvidia drivers 5336

rik69 02-03-04 09:40 AM

I don't have an answer for your problem but I'd like to know...
How did you manage to get the mandrake linux work in a twinview mode?
Thanks a lot!

Grendel 02-03-04 09:43 AM

I followed the instructions in the README file that came with the driver.

Grendel 02-04-04 08:46 AM

Just to answer my own question.. I appear to have fixed this problem, bizzarely, by disabling hardware acceleration of the X pointer in the X config file..

Option "HWCursor" "0"
Option "SWCursor" "1"

.. did the trick, so it seems.


oldkawman 02-05-04 02:47 PM

I had the same flicker problem on 3 different machines with different cards, GeF4-MX440 dual, GeF4 4200ti, and the GeF FX5200. Your solution worked on all 3 machines. I think the flicker problem started when I upgraded to the 2 last driver versions. I wonder if this caused the one monitor to die last week..

I still have another odd problem on 2 of the machines. This started the same time as the flicker. The 2nd monitor goes blurry at times. It does not happen on the machine with the GeF4 MX440 Dual card, just the ones with the DVI output. I am going to go back to 4996 driver on the MX440 and ti4200 setups. I guess I am stuck with the FX5200 until a better driver is released. I do not want to lose another monitor.

tuxman99 03-01-04 09:02 AM


Originally posted by Grendel
Option "HWCursor" "0"
Option "SWCursor" "1"
.. did the trick, so it seems.
so it did for my setup (fx5200, twinview). thanks a lot!



circuitbreaker 03-14-04 03:43 PM

Thank you..
worked for me also. phew.. what a frustrating bug, i'd been trying to hunt this thing down and was getting nowhere. had the README printed but didnt read it yet, and sure enough the hardware accelerated cursor is ON by default.

(this is on a XFX 5700 Ultra 2x DVI)

http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/edit...=284815#wooyay! no more twitching left eye

drussel 04-28-04 05:27 PM

Re: FX5600/Twinview flicker problem
I have a similar problem with a Quadro FX 500 and redhat 9 which started right when I upgraded to the latest drivers (5336).

Changing to software cursor as shown fixed the flickering problem but resulted in horrible artifacts in Open GL frames (garbarge or the desktop pattern begin shown) near the cursor when I would move the cursor over the GL display area, so I have had to live with the flickering. A

ny suggestion how to fix the software cursor artifacts before I try to revert to an earlier build of the driver? Thanks.

mduffy 04-28-04 05:47 PM

Re: FX5600/Twinview flicker problem
We also just tried this fix here, and we immediately ran aground horrible redraw artifacts in the interface of Houdini (which had a OpenGL window up). Alas, not an option for us.

nVidia, do you have any ideas here?

Michael Duffy
DNA Productions

vaiojunkie 05-01-04 05:44 AM

Re: FX5600/Twinview flicker problem
Yep this worked for me also, Thanks Grendal.
I'm running Mepis with kernel 2.6, Nvidia FX5200 with TwinView (never had this problem with kernel 2.4)


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