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embro 02-03-04 01:09 PM

nForce 2: Resolution changes itself again and again !!!HELP!!!
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Hi there...

I'm having quite a big problem: A few days ago I built a new PC inlcuding the following components:

- mainboard: Gigabyte GA-7N400V-L (Socket A, Athlon XP 2400+)
- this mainboard includes a nVIDIA nForce2 IGP/MCP Chipset

Onboard-LAN, -sound, USB etc. works fine, but as mentioned above there is still a big problem:

I am using Mandrake Linux 9.2. After installing Mandrake and setting the resolution to 1280*768/60HZ, I restart X. Now, the resolution should be changed as I wanted it to, but it has not - the resolution still is 1280*960. I tried several drivers (all the Geforce drivers included in Mandrake etc.) but it does not help anything. I installed Mandrake for several times which helped also nothing at all.

I can change the resolution as often as I want to, but X always starts with 1280*960...

Apart from Mandrake 9.2 I tried Mandrake 10.0 Beta, here it is the same problem. SuSE works fine, but the point is that I want to use Mandrake. =)

I'm quite new to Linux, I would be really thankful for help...

I attached /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and /var/log/XFree86.0.log; both in one file.

embro 02-04-04 04:57 AM

No one there who can help? It's really urgent... :)

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