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petemc 02-04-04 04:49 AM

geforce fx5200 svideo out
Im trying to utilise the svideo out on my geforce fx 5200. Ideally Id like to watch a movie on the TV and do other stuff on the monitor at the same time. What Ive managed to achieve so far is the nvidia logo appearing on the tv followed by a grey screen which I can move the cursor around and not much else. XFC4 appears on the monitor and Im able to use it flawlessly, but if drag the mouse to the left of the monitor screen onto the TV screen its pretty much useless - no right click menu or anything.
Ive tried various things like export DISPLAY=0/1/0.1/1.0/0:1/1:0/ and running gnome-session, or using mplayers -display option, I get the same sort of errors you would get trying to start an x application where no x enviroment is available.
Output of cat /proc/drivers/cards/0

Model: GeForce FX 5200
IRQ: 10
Video BIOS:
Card Type: AGP

NVRM version: NVIDIA Linux x86 nvidia.o Kernel Module 1.0-4496 Wed Jul 16 19:03:09 PDT 2003

My config and log are at http://zoidberg.yerma.org/nvidia/

It does say "Multiple displays connected, but only one display allowed;" , but Ive been told this error message isnt a clear cut as it could be percieved, however true that may be.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.


whig 02-04-04 06:02 PM

We were getting only black/white/grey colours on the TV with s-video. Turned out it was a setting on the TV and whether the default was NTSC or PAL.

petemc 02-04-04 06:46 PM

Thanks for your answer, but its not grey as in lacking defination, its quite simply a grey coloured screen, as if an xserver is running with no window manager.
Further investigation has revealed that if I switch the numbering of the screens around in XF86Config-4 I can make the window mangager start on the TV and have the useless grey screen appear on the monitor. So quite obviously all is well with the driver and in some respects the configuration.
Thanks again.

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