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eje4 02-04-04 10:13 AM

Help! Can't get driver to work, GeForce 2 Go
Hello everyone,

I'm a newcomer to RH linux and I'm having a tremendously hard time trying to get the Nvidia driver to work. I have RH version 9 on a Dell Inspiron, with an Nvidia GeForce2 Go. I downloaded and installed the IA32 driver, but unfortunately it is not working. The basic problem is that I'm not able to change my screen resolution. It's stuck on 800x600. Shouldn't I be able to change the screen resolution if the driver is working? Am I using the right driver file, or is there a different one I should be using? ANybody have any suggestions? I am totally stumped.


whig 02-04-04 05:47 PM

Post your /etc/X11/XFConfig. The problem is probably in there.

eje4 02-05-04 07:05 AM

I finally figured out what the problem was. It was that my monitor type was "unknown" in the linux display configuration. I'm a newcomer to linux, and I had assumed that since the linux installation procedure successfully detected by graphics card type, that everything should work. But I've since been told that if your monitor type is not defined properly in linux, then you won't be allowed to increase the display resolution beyond some very restrictive values. So once I found that out it was a simple matter to set the monitor type, using redhat-config-xfree86, and then everything was fine.

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