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thenerdguy 02-04-04 02:12 PM

Far Cry Developer Raided

According to this story at German web site PCGames.de (go to the babelfish web site for an English translation), the officies of Crytek were raided this morning by German police. Apparently a former employee of the company fingered the Far Cry developer in using illegal pirated software. So far there is no word on how this development will affect the release of the highly anticipated first person shooter. Thanks Blue's News.

This sucks!

druga runda 02-04-04 02:37 PM


this is nuts...

Fatman 02-04-04 02:46 PM

Yup, there is an official UBI response on the VE. Perhaps the raid will give 'em a new perspective on first person shooters :D j/k This is a major blow, FC might not ship on time, or polished enough because of this.

jAkUp 02-04-04 03:38 PM

Damn this sucks... thank goodness UBI said everything went back normal at about 2 today.

thenerdguy 02-04-04 04:51 PM

I hope so.

Kamel 02-04-04 05:14 PM

bah, that sucks....

not to say it's right or anything, but i do think the only reason he was raided is because he worked as a developer.... if he were an every day person i don't think it would have happened. [and to me, that is not right]

oh well, do the crime you gotta do the time i suppose.

MrNasty 02-04-04 05:18 PM

So crytek stole the software to make its game well thats fine with me ill just download farcry :D

Edge 02-04-04 07:01 PM

They staged the whole thing, now they'll have an excuse to delay the game when they find out they can't ship it on time :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

saturnotaku 02-04-04 08:52 PM

If there were to be criminal charges filed, I can't imagine that Crytek would have to do anything more than pay a fine - cost of the unlicensed software + legal/court fees. Probably nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

StealthHawk 02-04-04 09:02 PM

Humorously ironic that people selling software for a living were using warez.

|JuiceZ| 02-04-04 09:07 PM


Originally posted by StealthHawk
Humorously ironic that people selling software for a living were using warez.
Yea really, hopefully it doesn't delay the development of the game though. It would surely be a shame.

monkeydust 02-05-04 03:26 AM

I'm really surprised this doesn't happen more often. I'm curious as to how the unlicensed software got installed on the machines. I believe that all of the corporate installs at my office are licensend but some people have things installed on their own machines that are not.

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