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ChocoboBot 02-04-04 06:58 PM

Suse 9.0 and Nvidia 5700 Ultra Issue
Im having a issue when installing Suse 9.0 with my nvidia 5700 Ultra. It seems every time it boots into X my screen is very fuzzy (refresh rate seems higher then normal). Ive downloaded the most recent drivers during the installation process through Yast and still im getting the same problem. Ive tryed different resolutions during install as well as refresh rates and still no luck. Im curious if anyone has any tips or knows any issues that could be causing this. I installed my nvidia geforce mx400 and i have no problems what so ever. I know the video card is fine because its fine in microsofts friendly buggy OS (winxP). my sys specs are as follows

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
BFG Nvidia GeforceFX 5700 Ultra
1gig DDR Dual Channel
Giga-byte GA-7N8X Pro Mobo

Let me know if anyone else has any issues with this or has any tips on resolving this issue.

(When red hat is installed the card works fine with latest drivers; problem only happens in suse 9)

zander 02-05-04 03:27 AM

Does SuSE install explicit ModeLine entries for the monitor? If so, does commenting them out help?

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