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michael-mc 02-05-04 05:19 AM

garbage display exiting graphic mode
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when exiting graphic mode or shutting down have garbage dispaly
problem does not exist with the original "NV" driver supplied by the OS

the OS is mandrake linux V9.2

video card is GEforce 4 MX 440

motherboard is DFI TA64-B

CPU is P3

Nvidia driver is latest 1.0-5336

would appreciate help

sasa 02-05-04 06:08 AM

I have the same problem with the latest (5336) drivers in 2.6.2-pre8.
Works fine in 2.4.25-rc?.
It hapens every time I quit the X server. It is frozen so deep that SysRQ keys don't
work and I cannot login from a different computer.
Sometimes I have black screen, sometimes vertical yellow and pink stripes.

I read something that to restore the text mode, the driver needs to access BIOS INT 10. I don't know if can do that just without anything or if it nees a kernel module to be loaded.
Other thing is that I only tested it from vesafb and rivafb framebuffers. I Will try it from a VGA console.

sasa 02-05-04 06:09 AM

I forgot - I have MSI KT4V motherboard with Via KT400 chipset and a GeForce2 MX 400 card. And X server from RedHat 8.0.

zander 02-05-04 06:11 AM

You'll want vesafb (or rivafb) disabled.

michael-mc 02-05-04 11:58 AM

how do you disable it?

zander 02-05-04 01:04 PM

Assuming it is vesafb you're using, passing video=vesa:off vga=normal to the kernel (from the boot loader) should do the trick.

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