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Dimensio 02-05-04 02:01 PM

SATA drivers for Chaintech ZNF3-150? (nForce 3)
I managed to break the IDE connector on my Linux drive when putting it into my new machine. While I can recover the data with assistance from a friend, I do need to replace the drive as quickly as possible. Given that I already have two SATA drives running in Windows, I'm considering the possibility of adding one or two more for Linux, though I would naturally require guaranteed SATA support before I ordered anything.

Does anyone know about making Linux recognize a SATA controller? I've heard that it's not that much different (to the OS) than a normal IDE controller, but I wouldn't know where to begin configuring the kernel to support it.

Valheru 02-05-04 03:50 PM

In the patched kernels you can install for Gentoo Linux a driver has been added for the SATA controllers on the NFORCE2 boards called Silraid. I don't know if it would work for the NFORCE3 boards.

Dimensio 02-06-04 12:19 PM

Well, that's encouraging. I'm using Debian, but I use a mostly stock kernel (with akpm patches only thus far -- if anyone has suggestions for gaming optimization kernel patches, I'd love to hear them). I've looked around and seen some patches for older 2.6.x kernels (the test ones, IIRC) with Silicon Image 3114 drivers, but I can't tell if there's anything in the kernel that would be useful or if I'd need to patch it (or build a module).

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