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rik69 02-05-04 08:59 PM

nvidia geforce 4 & maya

I've been working with maya on a geforce 4 ti4600se and I've found out that when you try to maximize the view with the space bar (working on Mandrake Linux 9.2 but on windows happens the same) the view is not properly displayed it stays in grey and you see nothing, this error is only happening with the new forceware drivers does anyone know why?? or a solution to solve this? I'm using an older driver to avoid this but every time I see that nvidia has done a new driver I test it and always happens the same.

Thanks a lot!!

Gior 02-06-04 02:00 AM

return to 4*** ver drivers or install 5336.
That sth edrivers issue (same on win platform)

rik69 02-06-04 05:39 PM

I've alredy tried the 5336
Thanks for your fastest! reply!!

Have you ever had the same problem and it's been corrected installing the 5336 driver¿ I've tried to but the same thing happens again and again, in win I'm using a detonator 4X.XX driver and everything is working fine, but in Mandrake I've tried to download an older linux .run and It's always saying I'm missing the kernel and I'm a more or less a newbie worikin with linux and I don't know how to solve It.

I've downloaded the kernel-source but It's not working... :-((

Thanks for all!!!

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