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bilbo*baggins 02-06-04 04:10 AM

recommendation FX5200 vs. MX4X0

I discovered, that my GeForce3 Ti200 doesn't work very well with TV out (and Linux) so I am going to buy a new card.
I am not going to play any games. The only purpose of the card is to do a nice tv out for DVD and DIVX playback. Furthemore the card must not have a fan, because the computer will act as a multimedia server (with mythtv) and has to be noiseless.

As far as I know only some GeForce FX5200 and GeForce4 MX (460/440/420) variants are shipped without fan and both chips have support for MPEG2 decoding.

So what card can you recommend?

Corona688 02-06-04 12:40 PM

I have had nothing but problems with my FX5200. I'm not sure if this problem extends to all FX5200 cards, or only those made by XFX.

efx52u 02-06-04 04:08 PM

Given my experience with my FX 5200 Ultra and what others have reported, I'd say try for the Mx440.

andyrock 02-06-04 07:23 PM

i have no problems with 440mx-8x, but never tried tvout.

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