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bammbamm808 02-07-04 04:38 AM

"coolbits" like features for linux, Mr. Mecham?
I'm sure it's been asked before, but I just searched the forum and didn't find mention of it. As you have probably guessed, I am an FX5600U owner. And while the card is nice, it's also often quite overclockable. I would like to get my non-FSAA/non-Aniso performance up to where my old Ti4600 was. Nvclock looks like it won't support my card for a while, if ever. Thank you.

Thunderbird 02-07-04 07:51 AM

Nvclock will support fx5600 cards quite soon. I have some experimental support that will enter cvs soon. The main problem with geforcefx overclocking is that various card contain different speed levels for 2d and 3d for which I need a workaround.

Further coolbits like features will enter nvclock soon too using nvidia's NV-CONTROL extension. Watch nvclock closely ..

bammbamm808 02-08-04 03:45 AM

Thank you sir, for the good news.

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