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E.C Hunter 02-07-04 07:08 AM

I use 2 H-D in SATA not in Raid...
Should i enable DMA for them...
I mean...is the sata used by SUSE 9.0.

Becouse I have the impression that the HD runs quite slow...
I tryied to install the nForce Drivers but the install dosn't work...

Thanks and sorry for my ignorance...:(

SuLinUX 02-07-04 07:42 AM

SuSE sets whatever mode your HD is, mine is UDMA133 and you can see that on boot or in the IDE DMA mode in YaST.

It maybe due to the nforce drivers thenselfs, SATA have not got that good support in Linux are the moment but 2.6 is better.

2.6.2 rpm's are HERE for SuSE.

E.C Hunter 02-07-04 08:18 AM

it's beeing difficoult to me now...

I'm a newbie and I need to learn from you :)

Well the files you suggested me ehm..ar...uh...OK!
What is it?!

Which should i use?
Is it the Kernel upgrade?
How do i use them

I understand if you wont help me...thanks anyway...

RudivanLent 02-09-04 06:36 AM

have a look at:


E.C Hunter 02-09-04 09:50 AM

But what shoul i do for Sata?

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