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NekTarr 02-07-04 09:52 AM

<<<<< Fedora And Riva Tnt 2 >>>>>>.
i have fedora core 1 but i am afraid that if i update my riva tnt 2's drivers , those with hw opengl support it might screw up.
whe i had rh9 it happened, but at least i could install the drivers....but finally the system crashes....more like freezes...
i wonder what's wrong????
is there an issue regarding that?
my riva is agp 32mb...m64
and on fedora i can't even install the drivers....something about precompiled kernel module...
can anyone help me?

LordMorgul 02-07-04 07:14 PM

You have two choices, install with the installer script which will require compiling a kernel interface (it does this for you but you need your system setup correctly) or you can use an RPM that is available for you already.

If you install by the installer you'll need your kernel-source package installed, matching your current kernel. You'll also need to use this command line before running the installer.
export CC=gcc32

If you use the RPM this should be taken care of for you, but you might still need the kernel-source package installed. You will have to configure the driver and your X setup in either case, so you need to read the nVidia readme on how that is done. Pay special attention to the section on 'editing your XF86Config' which is a file in /etc/X11.

For an RPM check here: http://atrpms.physik.fu-berlin.de/di...idia-graphics/

NekTarr 02-08-04 07:50 AM

thanks for the advice...i will try.

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